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Yo Mac DeMarco, what’s up with the room full of demo Fenders in your house?

With his new album This Old Dog due for release this Friday, W Magazine recently took a lens into the home of Mac DeMarco, revealing some of the equipment he uses, a killer cassette collection and what appears to be a room filled with around ten cream Fender Stratocasters.

Just look at this shit. That’s a lot of cream.

All photos by Malerie Marder. Photo assistant: Robby Staley. Photo editor: Alex Hodor-Lee.

What could one man need so many Fenders for? It seems some mysteries of Mac DeMarco were never meant to be unravelled.

Only DeMarco can tell us what nefarious purposes he keeps these guitars around for. A Fender fight club? Fetish shit? Who knows, maybe his secret to staying so damn chill is smashing the righteous shit out of a guitar every other day.

For real thought, from the stickers, it looks as though these were sent to DeMarco by Fender in an effort for him to find one that’s right for him. Purists who subscribe to the ‘every guitar is different’ attitude will certainly understand.

Check out the rest of the photos from Mac DeMarco’s house below.

Think you know the Mac? DeMarco is hiring an assistant! Dank meme experience essential.

Via W Magazine.