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What is the vinyl capital of the world? New data lends a fresh perspective on record stores around the globe

By News
Record Store

Music marketplace Discogs and affiliate site, Vinylhub have teamed up to sort through a huge amount of data from record stores around the world. And they made a few interesting findings.

Record Store

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What is the vinyl capital of the world? New data from Discogs and Vinylhub lends a fresh perspective on the world’s record stores.

As Resident Advisor note, United States have the most record shops by far, with 1482, followed by the United Kingdom with 537 and Germany with 453.

However, the cities with the most stores are Tokyo with 93 (more than half of the 158 in Japan), Berlin with 87 and London with 79. The biggest cities in the States are New York  with 47, Chicago with 30 and Los Angeles with 29.

In terms of spacial density, Berlin is where it’s at, with 46 to be found within a kilometre of each other. And in terms of destiny per captia, the small island country of Palau rans number one, with three stores and a population of 21,186.

Australia sits at #9 for number of record shops per country (144 – that’s 0.6128 per 100,000 people), and the city with most shops is Sydney with 19. which ranks us 31st (strangely, there was no data for Melbourne).

Check out all the data here.


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November 9, 2017

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