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We travelled to another universe to chat with cosmic femmes Galaxy Girls

In an industry that’s largely dominated by male artists, it’s refreshing to see some bright, young ass-kicking femmes who are proving that sisters really can do it for themselves.

Recognised for their statement-making tunes, these experimental pop-rock songstresses are oozing with charisma and a commendable confidence. With a sound that’s difficult to put a finger on, underneath their vocals harmonies and blunt lyricism is a darker vibe that screams ’90s Riot grrrl, driven by guitar and warm, punchy drums.

We had a chat to Galaxy Girls to find out a little bit more about how the powerful four-piece first jumped into the music scene, and what life is like living in outer space.

Galaxy Girls are beaming with nostalgia, from the way they dress to their brightly tinged instrumentals. Contrasting a ’70s inspired wardrobe with a dream pop sound, these are not your typical broads.

HAPPY: What brought you all together, were you friends before you formed a band?

GALAXY GIRLS: We had all started to hang out over the summer, which is when the love began to brew, then serendipity stepped in and brought us together in a big way. The band grew out of a need for us to spend as much time together as possible and a want to create something within that space we shared.

HAPPY: When did you all start playing music, and what was your motivation behind learning an instrument?

GALAXY GIRLS: We all picked up our instruments at the start of last year, around March 2017, through differing motivations. There were a few key people along the way who inspired us, and helped us shake off the training wheels.

HAPPY: How would you describe your sound?

GALAXY GIRLS: Highly experimental dream-pop.

HAPPY: Definitely admiring pretty much every one one of your outfit choices. Where do you girls get your inspiration from?

GALAXY GIRLS: Haha thank you! Anywhere from school girls to the ’70s, each of our styles change pretty frequently. It’s a fun thing we like to play around with.

HAPPY: Would you say it’s been a challenging ride so far being a female in the music industry?

GALAXY GIRLS: Not at all. We’ve been so overwhelmed with the support we’ve received so far and love representing the minority.

HAPPY: Musical influences?

GALAXY GIRLS: During the initial phases of playing, we listened to a lot of Warpaint. Our influences come from a broad range of genres but to name a few right now we’re into Big Thief, Tess Parks, The Murlocs, and Beach House always.

HAPPY: What drives your songs thematically?

GALAXY GIRLS: Each song is derived from different concepts, from a cat named Lola to the crushes we have on one another. No story is out of bounds, and we see each one as an expression of life as we experience it.

HAPPY: How do you think living in Byron has shaped your sound and general vibe as a band?

GALAXY GIRLS: The cruisy comfortability of this place definitely allows us to sink into whatever mood we’re feeling. When we started out, we were jamming in an old converted barn yard where we would meet up at the end of each day, drink wine and experiment together.

HAPPY: Any exciting gigs or festivals planned for the end of 2017, or 2018?

GALAXY GIRLS: We’re supporting Rackett in February and playing Daisy Went Crazy, a festival in Burleigh next March. At the moment we’re focussing on recording and getting a few more of our songs out into the world.


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December 21, 2017

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