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Video Premiere: Torfason – Feel Like Letting Go

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Oh man, three premiere’s in one day. Yes three! You saw them yes? Man we are pooped! What’s that? You want more? Well jeez, when you’re that keen we can’t help but comply. So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, it is my sincere pleasure to unveil the video premiere for Feel Like Letting Go from Torfason!


Video Premiere for the debut song from Torfason! Fun and funky on the surface, yet hiding a far more serious agenda in plain sight, the duo have certainly distinguished themselves in the indie-electro scene.

Torfason is a fresh, two man band made up of Sam Gethin-Jones and Robert Bullock. If the former’s name sounds familiar then chances are you’ll be a fan of Last Dinoaurs, which Sam was a part of before his recent departure from the band. Since then he has been collaborating with his mate Robert, and the two have worked tirelessly to put a fresh spin on the indie-electro scene that swept across the country like the plague. But, in a good way.

The first taste of the Torfason’s debut EP comes in the form of their first single Feel Like Letting Go. Funky guitar jams, 80’s inspired drum samples, swelling synths and Robert’s sombre yet soaring vocals are all winning elements on this track. But let’s face it, we’ve heard this kind of song plenty of times before. So why should you, or us for that matter, bother? The lyrics are the real gem on Feel Like Letting Go. On first listen I assumed that this song was another track about pining about a girl, but after applying a more carefully tuned ear the messages concerning contemporary culture and habits people have online slowly ebb their way through the jolly disco-rock.

“With everyone pretending to be ahead of it, while anonymous. Won’t, you, dance the way I feel?” We indeed live in a world where our tastes can be controlled by online tastemakers (which is definitely NOT what we do), and for the sake of being cool we stick to what the anonymous bloggers with the most followers say. The topic is a refreshing and relevant one to tackle for a debut single, and for that Torfason should be commended. Most electro-indie bands only offer cool, fun summer-y vibes and that’s about it. But these guys have crafted a song that occupies the space of fun, disco-lite territory whilst raising important questions of individuality, and they are questions worth considering.

Oh yes, the video. That’s it above, do watch it. The video compliments the track well. There are lots of warm colours swirling and moving, accompanied by the boys doing their musical thing and a little awkward dancing. It reminds me of watching Play School in the early 90’s, which without a doubt earns Torfason some major cool points. As a first taste of their debut EP Torfason prove they are one of the more promising new acts emerging from Australia, and if they keep producing mindful music such as Feel Like Letting Go then we as an audience have much to look forward to.



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December 3, 2014

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