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Twitter have doubled their character limit, but will it really change anything?

By News
twitter 280 characters

Feel that? A shift in the world as we know it? That’s Twitter casually doubling their character limit to 140, fundamentally changing the social network as we know it.

After a brief trial period where a select few users were given the option to double up the length of their tweets, they’ve officially rolled out the feature for all users. Effective immediately, so do your worst.

twitter 280 characters

Without so much as a warning, Twitter have doubled their character limit to 280 today. That’s right, you can rant for almost an entire paragraph now.

As to what kind of changes this will actually enact – probably none. Since Twitter was popularised, users have found a score of ways to get around the 140 character limit.

Be it an image showing a large amount of text, excessive abbreviations or even, you know, two tweets, if someone ever wanted to make a longer point, they always could.


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November 8, 2017

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