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This guide shows you how to re-create the Stranger Things soundtrack using soft synths

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ReverbMachine stranger things

If you’re into synths and you’ve ever got an afternoon up your sleeve, we highly recommend heading over to reverbmachine.com and having a browse.

The blog is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to recreate the synths sounds of artists like Tame Impala, Mac Demarco or Beach House, with detailed guides on the gear they use, and how you can replicate their sound at home.

Stranger Things synths

This detailed guide from synth wizard reverbmachine shows you how to re-create the Stranger Things soundtrack using software synths.

Stranger Things is another of reverbmachine’s subjects, in particular the analog synth wizardry of S U R V I V E, who write most of the show’s eerie soundtrack.

Three separate posts have been published on the show’s soundtrack. The most recent one covers an uplifting synth piece called Eight Fifteen, which bookends the first episode of season two (when Hopper and Eleven are eating dinner).

It pulls apart the lush arrangement, and shows you how to recreate the sounds using relatively cheap, easy-to-buy soft synths, namely the Arturia Prophet-V and TAL U-NO-LX, which are emulations of the Sequentials Circuits Prophet 5 and Roland Juno synths. You can also download the ready-to-go patches that reverbmachine creates.

Older articles break down some synth tracks heard in season 1 of the show, including a tune called Biking to School, plus the song that plays during fake Will’s funeral, Elegia by New Order. Check out reverbmachine here.


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November 7, 2017

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