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Simple Song? Sure. Not so simple video though. Of course we love it.

The Shins

A simple song with a big heart. The Shins never cease to amaze us with their powerful pop prowess.

Here’s what Pitchfork had to say : ” It’s been nearly five years since The Shins released their last album, 2007’s underrated Wincing the Night Away. That’s quite a while in internet time, and a lot’s changed since James Mercer first sang about “the dirt in your fries”, so it’s been hard to measure what expectations are for the Shins’ forthcoming album, Port of Morrow. It’s a relief, then, that the album’s first single, “Simple Song”, finds that Mercer and his new bandmates are still able to turn out exceptional guitar jangle with big-hearted melodic aims. The complex production that was embraced on Wincing the Night Away is used to arena-sized aim here, with a chunky power-pop riff that couples nicely with Mercer’s still-got-it penchant for unspooled lovelorn observations. Despite the drastic changes to the musical landscape over the last half-decade, there’s still room for tracks like “Simple Song”, as long as bands like the Shins can do them this well.”

Everything that drew fans to the band is here: a lilting melody, a gentle wash of echo, and verses that lead gradually but inexorably to a joyous but complex chorus that finds Mercer hitting the top of his vocal range. ” –  Billboard

Mercer gets his reveries on – “When I was just nine years old/I swear that I dreamt/Your face on a football field” – amid multitracked vocals and prog-rock frippery, while guest Shin Janet Weiss pounds out a Phil Spector faux-tango with Keith Moon flourishes. It’s pretty magnificent, and that ascending melody will trail you like a double-espresso buzz.” – Rolling Stones




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March 17, 2012

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