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Swimwear is so summer. Like a really good summers day, when you don’t have to work, you’re with good company and maybe you get to be by the ocean. Not the summer where the train’s air con doesn’t work and your hair is plastered to your face (which is coincidently too close to someone’s armpit during peak hour).

Swimwear is Tim Derricourt. You may already know Tim through the much loved Dappled Cities. Swimwear came about whilst Derricourt was in between recording a new Dappled Cities release. And so Derricourt got DIY and the EP The Kissing Machine was born. The Kissing Machine is a big ball of fun –  it’ll will make you want to drink an embarrassingly big cocktail. Or some cheap wine. And then dance like a fool.


The Kissing Machine is a bit sexy and definitely synthy. There are obvious comparisons to other artists of similar genres and it really is a very sun-soaked record, reminiscent of the 80s (or what I think the 80s was like) but I think it’s best to just enjoy it for what it is: “Swimwear is wild, camp dance music made to make you feel good.” And it certainly delivers on that.

The four tracks on the EP are neatly packaged synth-pop tracks that are excellently produced, all punctuated by Derricourt’s silky-smooth lyrics. Opening track, Nowhere To Run is a fun, bright and infectious (but not in a gross way) track. Highs & Lows is a little more pared back with a really nice guitar riff and quite atmospheric in places. Easy High has an addictive hip-hop beat and really showcases Derricourt’s dreamy voice. Yes, dreamy. After having listened to it a few times now, I still want to know who or what the kissing machine is.




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October 24, 2013

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