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Christopher Giffard shares completely original and unexpectedly epic new single Talk To Me

Sometimes a song can just consume you – as if it fills the air around you. This is definitely the case with Christopher Giffard’s new single Talk To Me. 

Talk To Me traverses through dreamy vocals and instrumentation brimming with elements of rock, folk, jazz, electronic, and more, to deliver a truly unique and completely captivating new song. 

Christopher Giffard’s exciting new track Talk To Me will go directions you don’t expect it to. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Jazz, folk, and electronic music may seem like three genres that don’t have much business being together… but through his exciting experimentation with structure, Giffard somehow makes it work.

The song begins as a glitchy piece of electronic jazz-pop, full of catchy pop hooks, and ends in a place I did not see coming.

As the track progresses, it builds into an unexpected epic – exploding with an insanely original mesh of soaring guitar solos, woozy synths, jazz piano, and thumping percussion.

Featuring Birds of Tokyo keyboardist Glenn Sarangapany and Kim Churchill drummer Michael Hardy, Talk To Me was recorded and produced in collaboration with Nathan Sheehy (Dune Rats, Bluejuice, Creo, The Vanns) at A Sharp Sydney and Sarangapany’s own Electric Sheep Music.

The new single has been in the works for over a year now, and the final product is definitely worth the wait.

Do yourself a favour and chuck Talk To Me a listen above.


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April 26, 2018

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