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Video Premiere: Sounds of Sputnik feat. Ummagma – Light Scheme

ummagma sounds of sputnik

You might remember Sounds of Sputnik from our Vid O’ The Week a few weeks back – the hazy, psychey video wandering (stumbling?) through a cobbled street through various European iconography. Today marks the release of their collaborative LP New Born with Ummagma and we’re pleased to be premiering the second single from the release, Light Scheme.


Sounds of Sputnik and Ummagma have shot us their super cool new album New Born. Here’s the second single from it, Light Scheme, which is surprisingly heavy.

A hazier, more Lush-ious (see what I did there?) single than the relative post-rock brain music of New Born, this is much more like what you’d expect to be hit with when we talk about softcore shoegaze. Again, introducing us with a gliding piano line (It’s still freaking me out that this band are making piano noise rock), it takes a while for this song to snowball into the cold velveteen sheen that defines it. Vocal harmonies – check. A shimmering tremolo guitar – check. An eon or two of reverb – check. Everything seems to be in order here.

This is also your chance to grab a first look at the awesome video for the track Light Scheme. Much like the track, it shares a few similarities with the video for New Born, but is about 90 times more intense. It seems that the director of both videos seems to simply love dolly shots – and who can blame him/her? There’s a skill to creating a song that seems to physically transport you, and what better way to force this idea than to physically move the camera? Obvious, but genius.

Or, you can stream the track below for free.

Last weekend, the trio dropped another track (on the sly) titled Overdrive (which you can listen to at this link here), which you can listen to below. While this isn’t the official premiere for the track, this is probably the first you’ve heard of the track, so we’ll take it. Triple premiere Tuesday – woo!

You can order a physical copy of New Born via their bandcamp at the link below. Since the three disparate members spend their time living somewhere between Moscow and Vancouver (travelling east to west – that’s 3/4 of the world) at any one time, don’t get your hopes up for a tour announcement just yet.



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August 25, 2014

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