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Shining Bird – Stare Into The Sun

shining bird

Shining Bird have just released the second single from their forthcoming album, Leisure Coast, in anticipation of its September 6 release.  We loved Distant Dreaming (as well as it’s awesome film clip), and Stare Into The Sun is just as good in it’s kitsch Australiana vibes. Man where have you guys been all our lives?

Shining Bird have seemingly appeared out of nowhere, but are so unique in their sound-scape and creative aesthetic that they have already created quite a buzz.

Often it’s hard to ascertain just what an artist will sound like judging by their band name/track titles, but NSW’s Shining Bird are a true exception. Having just signed to Spunk records, it’s no surprise these guys are quickly gaining momentum. With lead singer Dane Taylor’s voice heavily reminiscent of Bill Callahan, this tune is bound to lure you into a trance –  Tone Deaf

shining bird stare into the sun

Shining Bird combine elements of 50s style crooning, hazy beach-boy harmonies and euphoric drones to create a unique brand of slow motion Dream Pop with an endless backdrop of lush, distinctly Australian soundscapes … creating a sort of widescreen ‘Valium Pop’, and often evoking a sense of being forever stuck in the credits of an 80s teen movie – Holding Pattern

I really appreciate artists who seamlessly blend their sonic and visual inspirations, and Shining Bird excel in this regard. The team at Happy are eagerly awaiting the 6th of September! In the mean time, check out the side project of band members and brothers Alastair and Russell Webster- Tropical Strength.

In the words of Shining Bird themselves, Stare Into The Sun is “A blistering mirage of the Australian summer. Written while severely sunburnt and recorded in an aloe vera bath.” Give it as listen below!




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August 15, 2013

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