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Resonance, rebirth and risking it all: Seattle Fix run us through their dreamy EP Teddy Bear

Last month Seattle Fix dropped Teddy Bear, their sophomore EP and a glittering collection of dreamy Australiana. Packed to the brim with swelling, cinematic builds and gorgeous vocal lines, it had us hooked from the first second.

Wanting to dive a little deeper into their release, we reached out to Seattle Fix for a run-through of the EP. Straight from the artists themselves, here’s the behind-the-scenes scoop on Teddy Bear.

seattle fix teddy bear EP

Harmony, unity and a touch of melancholy: read into the nuts and bolts of Teddy Bear with Melbourne dream-pop duo Seattle Fix.

Wake Up

We love playing this song. It initially started as an instrumental running little over one and a half minutes but ended up turning into a seven-minute monster track. Luke realised there was potential to make it a really big song and once I started experimenting with a vocal melody, the lyrics came to me so easily.

They feel really natural. For me these words speak for the fact that whilst many things are beyond your control, you can still take a risk for something worth fighting for.

Save Yourself

This is definitely the mellow bring-down song on Teddy Bear, coming right after Wake Up. It has a melancholic yet hopeful feel. There’s a lot of reminiscence in this track, about wanting that safety and peace that comes only when you save yourself, when you truly believe it’s possible.

I started with the bass and that riff sets the tone for the whole song. I like that forlorn feel, the drums and guitars syncing in like you’re wandering.

Where I’d Rather Be

This song is definitely about escape, about wanting to get away to a better, happier place where you can be yourself. That’s something really important to me these days. I always see it as the perfect song for driving through the sunshine, through beautiful sunny landscapes.

It has become my escape and is my go-to song because it always lifts my mind.


Sometimes you need to be broken to experience a rebirth, a real low point to see that you can rebuild yourself into something better. It’s such a powerful feeling, when you see how far you’ve come after reinventing yourself, when you become stronger.

We wrote this song very early on, around about the time we released First EP and I remember immediately regretting that we didn’t wait to include it on that release. In the end I was glad though, to let it breathe with Teddy Bear.

Out of Reach

Out of Reach speaks for what’s just out of reach, when you’re yearning for the thing just beyond your grasp. At the same time, it’s kind of encouraging, that with enough strength you can get there eventually if you try.

This song really shines when we play it live. The synths were such fun to write and when the lead guitar and bass drop in the beginning, that’s gotta be one of my my favourite moments on stage.


Seattle Fix are launching Teddy Bear on November 4th at The Revolver in Melbourne. Grab all the details on their Facebook event.


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October 31, 2017

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