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Sarah Hogan sings for the dearly departed on her debut single Young

sarah hogan young

When someone you love leaves this world, it leaves a gaping hole in your life like no other. Yet as your own existence seems to slow to a crawl, the lives of others continue around you, unaffected by the sorrow you might be feeling.

It’s a profound sensation, all too familiar to anyone who has been unlucky enough to experience it. Sarah Hogan is one of those people, and she wrote her debut track Young with this in mind.

sarah hogan young

A deeply personal track written for friends who departed too soon, Young by Sarah Hogan is an emotional debut offering from a bright new songwriter.

Young is a track that holds lyricism at its heart, clearly a creative priority for Hogan. Her poetry flows with an artisan’s ease, steeped in a sense that something is going on beyond face value.

As the best lyrics should, Hogan’s ask as many questions as they answer, breathing a consistent swirl of mystery between her resplendent melodies.

Sonically, the track follows suit, showcasing the maturity and control with which Hogan is able to craft a song. A track like Young too often falls victim to a dramatic yet obvious conclusion, whereas Hogan’s crescendo is slower and much more realised.

The soft synth lines and intricate piano harmonies only ever give way to an understated drum rhythm, and the song ends with a whisper that leaves you aching to know more.

Having revealed that Young is about her sister and friends who left too soon, Hogan’s loss is hardly an easy one. Siphoning that sensation into a song is no simple feat either, yet she has walked out the other side with something utterly beautiful in tow.

Look out for this budding songwriter, there’s certainly more where this came from.


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November 9, 2017

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