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Rich Latimer delivers a dose of wholesome folk on Sweet September

Rich Latimer describes himself as a ‘heartist’, someone who lives, creates and cooperates from the heart. His voice is gentle and comforting. His music, pure and wholesome.

Latimer’s passion for creative projects that promote sustainability, conscious connection and positivity is virtuous. His firm belief that “music changes people and people change the world” rings so strong that it has found a permanent place on his body, a constant reminder of the raw power of the written word.

With Sweet September, Rich Latimer provides comfort in times of loss, grievance and sorrow.

Sweet September, the second single from his upcoming studio album Dreamer, details the passing of the singer’s late grandmother. The song captures her last words, “everyone’s time must come” with so much emotion that it is hard not to feel something.

Latimer’s laid-back folk is perfect easy listening. His lyrics delineate common human experience; encounters with death and loss are universal, and Latimer has provided the perfect soundtrack for turbulent times.

The message behind Rich Latimer’s Sweet September is grounding. Death is often perceived as the most isolating moment of human existence, but through his music, the musician wants to spread the word that, even in death, no one is ever alone.

An accomplished musician with years of experience, Rich Latimer is the singer-songwriter’s most recent solo project. He previously fronted Very Unique Existence, a prog-rock group hailing from the Byron Bay hinterland.

Rich Latimer’s second studio album Dreamer is set for release in Australia and New Zealand in early 2019.


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December 6, 2018

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