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PREMIERE: 2 years in the making, Nearby Pastures have dropped a cracker of a debut with Loose Teeth

Out of the United States, slow pop artist Nearby Pastures has released his debut EP Loose Teeth and it’s hitting us in all the right places.

With a Morrissey-esque romantic drawl and a blinged-up funk undercurrent, the Orange County local has put together a four track record featuring some pretty divine guitar and brilliantly textured vocals. No doubt about it, Nearby Pastures is an act everyone should be watching.

With a distinct lyrical narrative, each track in Loose Teeth is built on the ever-present guitar drawl Nearby Pastures never ceases to impress with.

The project of Spencer A. Simmons, Nearby Pastures is fun, and brings to the table a crisp and beautifully curated tracklist brimming with his own stories and ripe with musical depth.

He’s drawn cards from multiple decks. With classic rock guitar threads and pop vocals, this is an artist who has no boundaries and seems to marry multiple sounds to make them very much his own.

Standouts include Wages of Labour and We Don’t Talk, while Partners in Crime has a lighthearted blues element to it which has you hooked from start to finish. With self professed influences Bright Eyes and Ugly Casanovas, Simmons has been crafting Loose Teeth over the course of the last two years.

Almost entirely self-written, produced, recorded, mastered and mixed by himself, Simmons has proved that he’s capable in all facets of his craft.

Lyrically Loose Teeth cuts to the core of loss, love and the dysfunctional nature of navigating one’s existence. Drawing on personal experience, Simmons has created a record, that while at times delicately intimate and vulnerable, presents the universality of emotional and personal turmoil. Its accessibility is its greatest attribute.

Nearby Pastures is an act with a lot to give and a distinct sound you’re unlikely to forget.


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July 20, 2017

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