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PREMIERE: Next door Newcastle lads dave get cartoonish in their new clip Rock n Roll

Dave has just dropped a new clip for single Rock n Roll and it’s got the salt and sand whipping through our hair.

The clip itself is lighthearted and fun. As hand drawn stick figures roam free with bold colours and a childlike sheen, there seems to be no better way to accompany dave’s crisp and enthusiastic sound.

Darting between the cartoon narrative and dave’s live set, this clip is one of those great pieces that really sells a band on artistic merit and accessibility, introducing their personality without distracting from the music at hand.


With touches of bright electrifying rock and some surfy pop threads, Rock n Roll is a well articulated and refreshing cut from dave.

Warm and seriously gorgeous bass and guitar tones ring strongly throughout, and the mellow yet infectious vocals catch you at just the right moment. Lyrically Rock n Roll is sweetly adolescent, before building into a fierce, punk infused wail.

The clip darts between the real and the imagined, using layered graphics over their own performance brings out what a standard filmed set just can’t. There’s personality, comedy and a cheeky fervour that’s only captured in a candid clip.

Taken off of their recently dropped EP YOCH! Bangers Vol. 1, the record has been dubbed their best music to date. They’ve spent time touring alongside Dune Rats, Bootleg Rascal and British India and are now out on their own, touring the East Coast of NSW.

Head along to one of their shows and you’re sure to get a slice of the action they’ve hinted at in Rock n Roll.

A brilliant example of Australian punk setting the bar exceptionally high with their recent release, this tour is surely only the beginning.


Catch dave on the dates below, and head to their Facebook page for details.

July 30 – Macleay Farm, Canberra
August 5 – The Townie, Newtown
August 6 – Cherry Bar, Melbourne
August 12 – The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
August 16 – Rad Bar, Wollongong
August 19 – Secret Show, Central Coast
August 20 – The Argyle House, Newcastle – Raave Tapes Festival
September 9 – The Bearded Lady, Brisbane


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July 25, 2017

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