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PREMIERE: Christian Patey’s haunting vocals find the perfect dancing partner in his new clip High

The vocals of North Coast artist Christian Patey are hard to ignore. Now, we have been treated to a visual companion to his mystifying sonic landscapes.

The new clip for single High is gripping, dramatic and filled with haunting beauty.

A solo dance performance in an almost empty room leaves so many questions unanswered, the drama and pain in the dancer’s movements only seeming to heighten the yearning and heartache of Patey’s song.

christian patey high

High is an engaging and innovative combination of raw acoustics and subtle electronic effects, well articulated and indicative of the coastal relaxed nature of the Christian Patey aesthetic.

High talks to heartbreak and the sense of loss one feels when caught at an emotional crossroads. Patey’s music is expansive and progressive, lacking in neither passion nor instrumental precision. In other words High is a song that didn’t even need a clip to begin with, but in fact turned out to be the perfect accompaniment to a visual narrative.

The dancer, gripped with torment, twists and turns around the room, at times losing herself in the overwhelming power of her own catharsis. There is obvious build and the song moves perfectly alongside the film, the combination of femininity in the dance and masculinity in Patey’s music interweaving and complement each other in a poetic and captivating way.

If you’re a fan of Patey’s sound, he is no stranger to performing live, and has been playing gigs from the Gold Coast to Coffs Harbour. His sound is distinct and beautifully produced. High is his second single in wake of an earlier release Can’t Get Enough earlier this year.


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November 8, 2017

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