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Video Premiere: Bob and Martha – Pillowfight

bob and martha

Bob and Martha sound like the boring, married couple who live behind their white picket fence in the inner suburbs, with their 7-seater family SUV. What? They’re not a socially conservative, upper-middle-class Stepford couple? Far from it, Bob & Martha are a psychedelic pop duo from Brooklyn, New York who make experimental gothic pop dressed in psychedelia and nostalgia.

bob and martha

All the way from New York, psychedelic indie pop duo Bob and Martha will take you back to your childhood memories through the hallucinogenic melodies and lo-fi charm of Pillowfight.

Brought together by their mutual love of loop pedals and kittens, Bob and Martha were formed in the summer of 2012 by Aparna Muralidharan and Dan Bonsignore, who met on the Internet in a creative explosion of hallucinogenic melodies and fate. Since then, the alternative twosome have received high praise for their poppy yet haunting tunes, building a budding cult following in the Brooklyn indie scene.

Lazy summer days, childhood innocence and 90s nostalgia pretty much sums up Bob & Martha’s new music video for Pillowfight. It encapsulates summer itself, with its carefree nature, adventurous spirit, and lackadaisical mindset, conveyed through the hazy visuals and kaleidoscope effects. We see a group of friends in different settings – a scummy bottle shop, a shrub-lined sidewalk and a comic book store – as they traipse their way along their laissez-faire adventure. Visually peppered with throwbacks to our youth – gobstoppers, lollipop rings, heart-shaped glasses and hula-hoops – these items reflect the laidback, psychedelic vibe which epitomises Bob & Martha themselves.

The track comes from Bob and Martha’s self-titled EP from last year, a delicious six-track blend of bedroom and indie-pop with a tinge of Eastern-influenced vocal flair. The EP is characterised by brooding, longing and loneliness, extrapolated in psychedelic indie-pop tracks crafted with tension, cohesion and flow. It must be your lucky day or something, because you can get it for free on their bandcamp.

Bob & Martha lie somewhere between Bjork and Modest Mouse circa-2002, a little bit left of centre of The Doors, but stand alone on their own right as two purveyors of psychedelic pop perfection. We don’t know whether it’s their kitschy misnomer, their über-catchy psychedelic indie-pop or their lo-fi charm, but Bob & Martha are two not-so-married and not-so-boring individuals you have to hear.



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November 4, 2014

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