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As daylight savings time returns across most of Australia, bright and luminous bands are set to triumph in the playful yet unforgiving Australian summer sun. Melbourne’s Loon Lake are set to be one of them. Already penning 2012’s shimmering favourite Cherry Lips and placing #29 in Triple J’s 2012 edition of Hottest 100, their debut album Gloamer seems imminent for success, as an essential sound of this summer as mosquitos and cicadas will be (and I mean that in a good way).

Loon Lake - Gloamer

Gloamer is a thumping groove of interesting guitars and sweeping keyboard melodies that complement lead vocalist, Sam Nolan’s, off kilter voice. The album continues the five-piece’s warm ambiance that came across in previous releases Not Just Friends and Thirty Three. However, much like perfect summer days’ transition into those summer niiiiiiiiiights (cue Grease soundtrack), Loon Lake’s progression has turned their bright, sun-at-its-highest tunes into something slightly darker. Not too tenebrous though, think twilight rather than 3 am pitch black.

Loon Lake are seemily fixated on that binary of light and dark, the exploration of moments that are seemingly fit for a heartbreaking soundtrack of amorous nostalgia. The track Love Gets Done is a particularly significant insight to the reoccurring gloomy ambiance and themes of heartbreak throughout the album. The most dramatic place on Gloamer is the shattered masterpiece Bones, where Loon Lake show their versatility as song-writers, assigning eerie phasing guitars to accompany their desperate vocals.

Gloamer is out 11 October through Caroline/Universal. The boys will join Pearl Jam, Blur, Arcade Fire and many more on the Australian leg of 2014’s Big Day Out festival tour.




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October 14, 2013

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