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Life literally imitates art in Stefan Draschan’s observational photo series

At one point or another, we’ve all experienced the embarrassing moment of rocking up to a party in our Saturday best, only to find out moments later a mate is wearing the exact same thing.

A quick solution normally consists of turning your shirt inside out, going home to change or embracing the stitch up. Photographer Stefan Draschan takes the last option with People Matching Artworks.

photo series matching artworks

Creating a photo series titled People Matching Artworks, Draschan’s work is created by visiting museums and observing those who observe the artwork.

Draschan is a fan of visiting museums around Europe, but unlike the normal onlooker coming to view the array of artworks on display, he has something else in mind.

Specifically keeping an eye out for museum-goers who accidentally match the artwork, Draschan is camera ready, snapping photos of the unsuspecting onlookers. Co-ordinating colour, pattern and sometimes even size, the resemblance between the viewers of art and the artwork itself is uncanny.

Check out the series below. Have you ever experienced this in person?

Check out Draschan’s tumblr for more on this awesome project, as well as some behind the scenes action and links to his observational collective work.

Via This Is Colossal.


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November 7, 2017

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