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Drinks onstage? Straight or spun? Johnny (from the Burbs) has a very serious chat with Korky Buchet

johnny from the burbs

Johnny (from the Burbs) aka the most chiller MC in Sydney right now is just about the epitome of no-good, mischievous Aussie hip-hop. With a few releases already to his name and the best part of an album in the works, this is one local you’ll need to be keeping an eye on.

Meanwhile Korky Buchek are just as cheeky; a production duo with a penchant for gnarly underground DJ bookings, they’ve been friends of Johnny since his genesis. That’s why we hooked Johnny and Korky’s Tom Elliot up for a chat. Read on for some funny business.

Johnny (from the Burbs)  korky buchek

Beatmaking, heavy metal and pandas: have a very cheeky chat between rapper Johnny (from the Burbs) and deck-dancing duo Korky Buchek.

Johnny (from the Burbs) interviews Korky Buchek

JOHNNY: Were you guys more interested in DJing or producing before you started?

TOM: Definitely have always been more interested in production, DJing just came with the music we were making, but for Peter he started DJing at 15 before production started.

JOHNNY: Drugs/drinks before, after or during a set?

TOM: We definitely love to have a beer or seven during the set.

JOHNNY: Dream collab?

TOM: Michael Jackson.

JOHNNY: Y’all did the Phillipines festival, any plans to go even more global?

TOM: Yeah for sure, we are planning an Asia tour with our team Bodega Collective.

JOHNNY: What’s your beatmaking process?

TOM: My beat making process changes for day to day, depending on what the influence and inspiration is.

Korky Buchek interviews Johnny (from the Burbs)

TOM: What got you into rap ?

JOHNNY: I used to be a metalhead; if you had told me four years ago I would be rapping then I woulda laughed in your face man. As I got older I kinda lost interest and passion in heavy metal just as my band started to dissolve. In 2016 I heard Yeezus for the first time and fuck me it changed my views of music. From there I got sucked into the Pablo hype, heard TPAB [To Pimp A Butterfly] and then Chance’s mixtape and then I was a fully fledged hip hop lover.

TOM: Who are your influences?

JOHNNY: My influences are far and wide, I am influenced by creatively by people like Kanye, Kendrick and Tyler, groups like Brockhampton. I like to get the same hype and energy as people like Denzel Curry, but in terms of vocalisation I try to do me.

TOM: What’s your favourite food ?

JOHNNY: Hands down, a bowl of ramen from Ippudo in Sydney’s Westfield. Add the Japanese fried chicken with that too. As well as a glass of coke.

TOM: Spin or straight green ?

JOHNNY: I hardly ever smoke spun cos I’m not usually a tobacco smoker; I can barely handle it ‘cos of my bitch lungs. Straight green all the way.

TOM: If you could be an animal what animal would you be ?

JOHNNY: Either a panda or a dog man, pandas are like big furry boys but you don’t mess with em’ cos they’ll fuck you up. But imagine being a dog and eating all day, going for bush walks and being constantly loved… but fuck getting ya nuts snipped off hahahaha.

Keep up to date with Johnny (from the Burbs) here, and Korky Buchek here.

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October 19, 2017

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