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Jinja Safari

Is it May 17th yet? How about now? Please let it be May 17th soon, the wait is torturous.

Jinja Safari

What is so special about May 17th you ask? It’s only the release of Jinja Safari‘s debut album called, well, Jinja Safari. Lack of title originality aside, this is one of the most exciting albums scheduled for release in 2013. While the freezing temperatures don’t seem to fit their brand of summer days beach bonfire music, the coming album is sure to warm the hearts of listeners all over.

Jinja Safari: the happinest people on the face of the earth. Why? you may ask. Well, have you listened to their music? Happy, uplifting, hippy rainforest music at it’s finest.

If you’ve not heard Jinja Safari then all the encouragement you need to purchase this album should come from the genre descriptions they’ve been given in the past:

“Afropop rhythms [with] tumbling island guitar.”Triple R

“Forest Rock.”Indie Shuffle

So far they’ve released two singles off of the album, both of which have just made people more and more demanding for the full-length spectacular.  Check out the video for “Plagiarist” and get pumped for the the musical journey of a lifetime.

What about now, is it May 17th now?




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May 8, 2013

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