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So last week I shared an event called Square Sounds Melbourne – the Asia Pacific region’s biggest festival of chiptune/videogame soundtrack inspired dance music. Now, to reinforce how much of an utter weeaboo I am, I’m gonna try and convince you to get down to Japan Music Festival tonight (4th April) in Sydney, tomorrow (5th April) in Brisbane and on Sunday in Melbourne (6th April). Prepare to bear with me…

jmf aus

Say Konnichi-wa to an all Japanese lineup for 2014’s Japan Music Festival, touring the east coast this weekend.

First of all, Japan is awesome. How many of you have really wanted to go, but couldn’t afford it so instead you went to Europe with Topdeck and contracted an STD? It’s the home of one of what we perceive as one of the strangest cultures in the world, its westernised cartoons, game shows, video games, food and culture are all kinda household names. Think Nintendo, Takeshi’s Castle, Iron Chef, Tonkatsu Ramen, Bento Boxes, Wagyu beef… oh man I think it might be lunchtime.

Now name a Japanese band. C’mon – do it.

If you can’t, then you might need to head down to Japan Music Festival this weekend. If you’re a fan of heavier sounds, Kaimokujisho or Line-Up Destroyers and 101A produce dark, ambient post-rock with some pretty meaty shoegaze tones. Also, I think 101A’s website is in flash – if you’re still in High School, you’ve probably never seen a flash powered website – click here for a history lesson in web design circa ’05. Sparky Quano creates sprawling soundscapes from a single guitar, looped to infinity, overlayed with ghostly vocals – check him doing his shiz at Hanoi Sound Stuff.

If you’re like me and you need a break from dolewave or Bris-pop shows (invariably with Jeremy Neale in support), head to The Roller Den in Sydney, Ric’s in Brisbane or The Retreat in Melbourne for a dose of J-Culture. Melbourne and Brizzy are free, while Sydney’s gig will set you back $20.00.



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April 4, 2014

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