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Introducing The Summervilles

the summervilles

I can think of a couple of ways to fuck up before breakfast, both of which I’m guilty of… 1. Mistaking a dream for reality 2. Repeatedly hitting “snooze” before eventually just sleeping through your alarm, until your subconscious suddenly realises you’re meant to be at work, and jolts you out of your reverie (the worst). Melbourne lads The Summervilles have thought of twelve. Their debut album was released last week – the highly anticipated follow-up to their 2011 Garage Romantic EP.

the summervilles band

You can expect from the album exactly what you would their live show. Stories of mates, girls, booze and a sprinkling of cuss words for good measure, The Summervilles’ debut is an ode to youth and living fast – All I Do Is Listen

Fans of the Ramones will dig this album. Its rebellious without being super dark or heavy, with lyrics of “the Brunswick sky” punctuated by almost poppy melodies and heart-felt vocals. In true twenty-something style, the entire thing was recorded, mixed and mastered in a bedroom in Melbourne. The band write that their LP “attempts to reconcile the absurdity of mundane nostalgia with a world of social and political ineptness, oh and the impending zombie apocalypse (easier said than done).”

Twelve Ways To Fuck Up Before Breakfast is available for stream and download via Bandcamp.




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October 21, 2013

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