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Good guy Mac Demarco is selling signed test pressings for Puerto Rico hurricane relief

Good guy Mac DeMarco has put four test pressings of his 2012 debut mini-LP Rock and Roll Night Club up for sale to raise money and awareness for the hurricane Maria relief and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

Mac Demarco Test pressings

Good guy Mac Demarco is selling signed four test pressings of his mini-LP Rock and Roll Nightclub to raise money and awareness for Puerto Rico hurricane relief.

Each copy will either be signed by Mac or feature an original drawing. “Love you P.R., keep your chin up!”, he said in a statement.

The pressings will be listed at $1000 each with an option to “make an offer” for those wanting to donate more. Additionally, Discogs and Captured Tracks will each make donation of $250 for each copy sold.

“We’re thrilled to help the Captured Tracks team and Mac in raising awareness for those in dire need in Puerto Rico,” said Jeffrey Smith of Discogs in a statement. “This is a fantastic chance for our community to be a part of something special and to own something unique to remember their gift to others.”

The test pressings are available for purchase via Discogs right now. All of the money raised will go toward Caribbean Hurricane Relief Initiative, Waves For Water. Check out the listings here.

Mac Test Pressing

Mike Sniper, founder of Captured Tracks, said in a statement:

“We recently repressed ‘Rock and Roll Night Club’ and Pam Garavano-Coolbaugh, our Head Project Manager at Captured Tracks, asked what we should do with the tests. This conversation happened only a few days after Maria hit and it seemed like a no-brainer to help in any little way we could. Politics aside, these people need more help than they are currently getting. I had Pam bring the four test sleeves to dinner with Mac before his recent show at Radio City Music Hall. Mac had mentioned he wanted something for dinner “so spicy I will regret it.”

So, we went to a Sichuan place a few blocks away. I didn’t realize the power of raw cumin mixed with Sichuan hot peppers, so I basically hallucinated, as did Mac I assume. Before we left, I told him what we wanted to do to with the test pressings and if he could do some doodles and sign them, we’d put all the proceeds to charity. Mac being Mac, he said “of course” and now we have these unique items that you can feel good about buying because it’s all going to help people in need.”


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October 13, 2017

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