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Glass Towers

Refusing to be rushed, Triple J Unearthed finalists Glass Towers have finally unleashed their debut album on the world. When they first started muscling into radio playlists, Glass Towers’ biggest fans were in the late stages of adolescence themselves, and the two have grown together. Halcyon Days is a reflection of teenage life from a band that has very fresh memories of it.

Halcyon Days is an exploration of the band’s youth; Glass Towers are reflecting on where they have been and what might face them ahead – We Are The Standard

Glass Towers Hayclon Days

But despite the ongoing theme of reckless days and nights, Glass Towers have been remarkably thoughtful with each lyrical and musical choice on this album; each song has been given a time and dedication that is so incredibly rare these days.

This is a stunningly mature record. It isn’t a collection of songs, but a clearly defined, coherent release built around a strong sonic idea – The AU Review

That is probably a reflection of the time they have taken to craft this debut. It may not have been as quick as fans would have preferred, (waiting patiently for four years) but it is everything they looked forward to and more. Halcyon Days is a great demonstration of the idea that if something is worth doing, it’s worth taking the time to do it well.

Glass Towers will be celebrating the long-awaited release of Halcyon Days with a national tour this August.



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July 31, 2013

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