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London based Fat White Family are an interesting mix; far from the ‘innocence’ of the Brady Bunch kids, this group of six are seemingly more complex, yet evidently still functional. With their creation of pub-perfect rock & roll, they’re reminiscent a blurred sonic mix of The Kooks, Pink Floyd and Arcade Fire.* On top of this, expect an unusual, yet appropriate expression of British distortion.

You can also expect a hint of patriotism… Mix it all together however, and your expectations would probably be wrong.

fat white familyYes, they seem to not give a flying fuck. But they’re tight musicians committed to releasing a steady stream of impressive new sounds. Welcome to the Fat White Family. Photo Courtesy of Lou Smith.

This type of rock is a unique breed, it will leave you unsatisfied with your senses; your ears will be in a state of appreciation but your eyes will wish they had never been opened – it’s a one of a kind experience.

For Fat White Family, or ‘Fat Whites’ to you, music is an activity best not to be taken seriously. The effect of this approach can be expressed in looking over their work in 2013; with the release of a digital track, an EP and an album, one can’t help but be impressed. However, don’t be too fooled by their “I-don’t-give-a-shit” attitude.

With tracks such as Cream of the Young; political charged banners titled The B*tch is Dead, and an artwork of the Pope sitting on top of a dinosaur – do take down a degree of sincerity to go alongside their attractive inappropriateness.

If you feel you may circum strongly to this attraction, do not fret, Fat Whites have embarked on their Tour of Struggle and you can catch them at a whole range of venues. Unfortunately, for Australian readers, your struggle will be real as they are constraining this tour within the bounds of the UK and the Netherlands. With that being said, at the rate these guys churn out music, with satisfied fans behind every release, it would be safe to assume you’ll get your serving very soon.

* When the Fat Whites saw that Ben had compared them to Arcade Fire, Pink Floyd and The Kooks, they replied with “We have never been so insulted in our lives“. We would like to wholly retract our statement that the band’s sound is in any way linked to the above mentioned bands – especially The Kooks. Nobody (except perhaps The Kooks themselves) deserves an insult of such calibre, and we offer our sincerest apologies to both members of Fat White Family and Lou Smith, whose photo we stole above. Check out his photography at lousmithmedia.com.



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April 24, 2014

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