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Tap into the spirit of ’60s psych with Elstow’s mystical new offering She’s Lying

In the fairytale world, Pinocchio’s large, outstretched nose was a dead giveaway he was telling some extremely tall tales. But in real life, it’s hard to determine what’s total BS, from one poker face to the next.

So it’s lucky we have bands like Elstow who are making lyrically honest, synth infused tunes sifting out the tattle tales from the bunch. And in this case, the tattle tale seems to be a lady. You know her, it’s the sun.

elstow she's lying

Taking one of mother nature’s most symbolic featurettes and masking her as an evil, dishonest woman, Elstow brings you She’s Lying. 

Inspired by the imagery expressed throughout the work of sci-fi novelist John Wyndham, this five-piece from Sydney’s inner west have conjured up some symbolism of their own with She’s Lying. Nostalgic to the 1960s psych-pop movement with a contemporary twist, Elstow’s warm, new track paints a picture of a hazy, mystical dream land.

Asserting itself in a wash of synths, melodic guitar, a crunchy beat and of course, a little tambourine, this low-fi track is an instant crowd pleaser. With elements of ’60s, ’70s and more modern psychedelia, She’s Lying is a cosmic, rhythmically driven track drizzled in Jared Shaw’s floaty, euphoric vocals and textural synths that only enhance the eery, fantasy vibe.

With a sound nostalgic to The Flaming Lips, Jefferson Airplane and Tame Impala, Elstow’s latest offering is a reincarnation of everything those artists were commemorated for, truly tapping into the spirit of psychedelic rock by embodying the dreamy, passive state of what tripping out feels like.

Elstow dabble in an impressive display of genres not only in She’s Lying, but throughout their back catalogue. These self-proclaimed makers of neo-psychedelia meticulously carry you away with this spacey new offering, and it’s certainly no lie that I’m an instant fan.

Check out the below video for She’s Lying to be taken on a mind-altering, intergalactic journey through outer space.


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October 20, 2017

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