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Don’t be sad, there is irrefutable proof that claw machines are rigged

Proof that Claw Machines are rigged

The claaaaaw. We’ve all at some point in our lives been at the mercy of this flimsy, frustrating machine. Whether it be to try win a large stuffed animal for your beau or win an iPad for two bucks, the allure of the metal claw gleaming in the harsh light has caught many an eye. And every time the lofty aspirations to win a prize slips through your fingers like Teflon. Sure people have been suspicious that these games are a little dodge, but now there is undeniable proof that claw machines are built to take your money.

The Claw machine is rigged

Claw machines have always been a bit suss, but now there is definite proof that they are designed to make you loose and take your money. Damn, that’s cold.

The good people at Vox took some time out to have a look at how claw machines are put together, and wouldn’t you know it, these things are actually designed to take your money and leave you penniless without the comfort of a stuffed animal. The machine can judge the value of the prize, and as such the claw’s grip strength is automated to only let you win once in every 20 or so games. ‘Skill machine’ my ass.

Wouldn’t you know it, during the Depression era these silly claw machines were called ‘chance games’, and were advertised to business owners as a quick and easy way to make a quick buck. So if you ever feel like you might be behind on rent this week just park one of these bad boys out front of your share house and watch those sweet, sweet dollarydoos roll in. Like taking candy from a baby.

So if people have been getting duped over and over again for the better part of 80 years, why are we still playing obsessed with claw machines? As Vox points out, the use of social media to record wins has made the games more appealing, as though victory is more achievable than it actually is.

First seen on I Fucking Love Science.


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November 27, 2015

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