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Old mate Dave Rennick has been plenty busy this year. With the formation of his solo project And, then turning that project into a new band, then wisely changing that band name to Light Pressure, as well as handling his duties as one of the songwriters for Dappled Cities. Lately we’ve had a fair few artists weigh in on what they think were the cream of the crop of the 2014’s music. So who better to ask than a man who has lived the muso life for more than ten years? And that man happily obliged. So bask in the glory of Dave Rennick’s picks of the best 2014 had to offer!

Dave Rennick

Fokygen, Kimbra and Beck are some of gems that Dave Rennick has picked out of the treasure chest that was 2014. Read on to see which songs made his cut and why they are so special.

Wye Oak – The Tower

It’s fun when you discover a band and then tell everyone about them except everyone already knows about them and you’re like “Sorry”. That’s what happened to me about a month ago when I came across this track.

Foxygen – How Can You Really

Todd Rundgren’s I Saw The Light is a great song from 1972. And Foxygen’s How Can You Really is a great song from 2014. Weird right.

Jack Ladder And The Dreamlanders – Her Hands

Instead of looking at my top ten you should go find Jack Ladder’s top ten. He’s influenced by things that no one knew was a-ok to be influenced by. Mixed emotions, great production.

Kimbra – 90’s Music

This specific song made me realise I need to keep writing music and for that reason alone I’m glad it exists. It’s pretty personal.

Ned Collette – Vanitas Attack

Ned continues to deliver with this song. He kicks/ has always kicked. Australian music that’s got real style, yeah it’s worth drinking a VB to.

The War On Drugs – Under The Pressure

OMG have you listened to War On Drugs?

Bear In Heaven – Autumn

I really like this band and wanted to include in my list even though this isn’t my favourite song of their’s, nor even of 2014 but whatever, why set these arbitrary rules?

St Vincent – Digital Witness

Do you think she’d be annoyed if I said she’s kinda like a modern day Tori Amos? I don’t want to annoy her, it’s meant to be a coveted complement. I feel like she wouldn’t care.

Palms – A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again

A song I can relate to in many many ways. I play a game whenever I see this song live to work out what Al Grigg is actually talking about. It’s a fun game that results in the odd!

Beck – Waking Light

This song and album marked a real high point in my year. I was sitting near Beck in a cafe in Paris but was too nervous to tell him how much I love him. I love him to a

reasonable extent so best my nerves kicked in really.



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December 24, 2014

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