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Could these be the coolest collabs ever? Check out what a Kanye x KFC logo would look like

It’s no doubt the current state of youth fashion culture is a little obsessed with brands. In an op-shop, the difference between a worthy or unworthy shaggy jumper can be a teeny weeny logo.

Scottish-born graphic artist REILLY is messing with our heads and critiquing this incessant brand obsession with his playful mashup of designer and everyday trademarks.

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Graphic designer REILLY is mashing up your favourite brands to give you a tasty look at what could be the coolest collabs ever.

REIILY has an extensive background in design, having worked with a number of fashion labels like Gucci, Nike and Jimmy Choo as well as top companies like Microsoft, Adobe and Sony.

“His recognisable style aims to distort and reflect pop culture and to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in graphic art. His work is an amalgam of hand drawn and painstakingly rendered vector elements, with crazed colours, digital collage, maze-like repetitions, found photography and repurposed objects exploded into pop motifs, his own cartoon characters and London street culture,” according to his bio.

At first, REILLY just wanted to mess with people’s minds, saying in an interview with Another Mag, “we see these symbols every day, so frequently that I thought, ‘you know what? I’m going to mash them up by putting super famous brands with super famous brands that are totally unrelated’. I just want to make people look at them and go, ‘what?!’” However, he’s managed to grab the attention of Belgian fashion designer and artistic director of Dior Homme Kris Van Assche who reposted his Dior x Nike logo on Instagram.

Check ’em out below and more of REILLY’s work on his website and Instagram.

Via Hype Beast.

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April 13, 2017

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