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Billy Corgan is planning a month-long travelogue documentary series covering three new creative projects

billy corgan thirty days

Billy Corgan is gearing up to traverse across America on a month-long project.

billy corgan thirty days

Billy Corgan is gearing up to travel around America while he explores three new projects including a retrospective, a new solo record and a covers album.

The journey will be collated in a documentary series he has dubbed ‘Thirty Days’ which will follow Corgan as he explores three new creative projects.

“There will be new musical pieces, interviews with people, and we’re gonna try to document this journey and try to come up with some sort of collective vision,” he said in a video uploaded to the Smashing Pumpkins’ Facebook page.

The first project (which he dubs “50 By 50” in honour of his upcoming 50th birthday) will be a reflection on 50 of his favourite songs “from all my years of writing… not necessarily my greatest songs, because obviously opinions differ on those, but maybe a sort of personal reflection.” 

He will be posting the tracks as he goes, asking fans for their opinion and what songs they think he might have missed out on, with a plan to record the songs for a compilation towards the end of the year.

He also plans to record an album of “10 to 12” cover songs along the way. Meanwhile, he will be writing new tracks for a forthcoming solo album which he has previously been working on with Rick Rubin. “I am sort of remiss to play new music too soon, so I won’t necessarily be sharing that music, but I’d like to at least talk about some of the process involved.”

Watch the full announcement below.

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January 11, 2017

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