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Bare witness to the insane 8-Bit dystopia of Goodbye Tomorrow and The Way

Chicago rap group Goodbye Tomorrow have released what has to be one of the best music videos of the year for their new single The Way.

Goodbye Tomorrow The Way

Directed by R_Wayne, the six minute film clip is a mash up of dystopian imagery, 8-Bit video games and laden with political commentary, not to mention some great costuming and fight choreography.

Speaking to Noisey, the group said of the video “The concept of the video is the fucking truth…like, that’s the truth, that’s how the world actually is. It’s actually evil motherfuckers that are machine ass niggas that take you and program you. That’s the real truth, every day that shit happens. They wanna tame motherfuckers and put niggas into a box because if we’re pre-programmed to be a certain way then it’s easier to control what we’ll think and what we do”.


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September 3, 2015

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