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Art of Sleeping

Art of Sleeping was inspired by the hours spent lying awake listening to the sounds of everyone else sleeping… We’re streaming as much of the EP as we can this week and loving what we’re hearing.

Art of Sleeping

Mastering the intricate Art of Sleeping is no easy feat. These guys have conquered it and to our great privilege have been open with sharing their secrets with the world.

Ever since I was a young boy I had trouble falling asleep. That’s just what I’ve done my whole life. It sounds token, but when I was a teenager I would end up plucking the guitar or writing songs down. I guess lack of sleep turned into an art form for me. And for some people, sleeping is an art form in itself.” Caleb Hodges, lead singer of Art of Sleeping

Which is why it was so surprising that Like A Thief is one of the best EPs to fall asleep to, or maybe that’s not surprising at all. There is just something about the way they carefully piece together each instrument together with Hodges’ voice that gives the EP a flow you wouldn’t expect from an band that says they are obsessed with the ‘reality of life’.

“We don’t want to create something that feels contrived or forced. We want to create something that’s real and something that resonates.”Hodges, Dew Process

It’s rare in a review to let the artist construct most of what is said but there is an honest tone to Hodge’s words, and when you listen to Like A Thief, you can hear the influences in every note. But there is more than just falling asleep to these five tracks,

“Like A Thief is filled with catchy choruses throughout that will have you humming and singing to yourself for days. Like a Thief has got a bit of a Boy and Bear-esque sound about it but at the same time stands up alone as a robust addition to the ever growing indie folk rock scene.”Press Record

All in all, Like A Thief is a thoroughly recommendable EP and there is no shortage of anticipation for what they will bring the Australian indie scene next.



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May 22, 2013

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