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Rifle through and stream 20 years of Rage playlists thanks to the work of 2 Brisbane legends

By News
rage playlists catalogue rageaholic

Remember the names Brock Kenzler and Michael Henderson, because they’ve just become part of Australian music history. These two Brisbane locals have catalogued almost 20 years of Rage playlists, starting from Saturday January 3rd 1998, up until October 1st – earlier this month.

The project is aptly titled Rageaholic, and was originally envisioned as a mobile app. It represents the very first time these Rage playlists have ever aired as they were on the show, in order.

rage playlists catalogue rageaholic

Hop into Rageaholic, the musical history time machine cataloguing 20 years of the iconic playlists Rage have beamed us.

Not only will Rageaholic give you the exact playlist that was played on each date, it will tell you if there was a guest programmer, or if there was a special going on.

So I can happily tell you that on Saturday the 6th of March 2010, Bluejuice programmed Rage, teeing up tracks such as Girl by BeckFlash Gordon by Queen and a shit load of the Beastie Boys.

Plus, the interface is killer. Have a peek of it below.

rage playlists catalogue rageaholic

February 19, 2000 may have been a Madonna special…

Get your eyes, ears and historical inquisitiveness around Rageaholics right here. Be warned, you may never come back.

Via Music Feeds.


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