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the growl

The first thing that you might appreciate about The Growl is how appropriately named they are. Complete with two drummers, their title perfectly captures the band’s gritty blues rock feel, which is made even more exciting by the sultry, raw and confronting vocal deliveries.

Hailing from Fremantle in Perth, this now 6 piece (they’ve had a few lineup changes) is fronted by Cam Avery. Avery, a serial musician and lover of the cross pollination of bands, gave birth to the kicking and screaming baby that is The Growl following an insatiable itch to do something new. He’d done the psychedelic alternative thing with his other awesome band, Pond, leaving creative space for something different. With their unique and powerful sound, its no surprise that The Growl were the natural choice (for more reasons than one) to support fellow Aussies Tame Impala on their Australian and US tours earlier this year.

the growl

Proving there is no rest for the wicked, The Growl also released their debut LP, What Would Christ Do?? in April. Its rare that I can listen to an album from beginning to end and not be bored, but The Growl truly deliver on this front. The tracks move from noisy, manic and experimental to acoustic and stripped-back. Embracing this diversity, the album maintains a cohesive sound that ensures you keep listening. There is something magical about the meshing of the ferocious and gritty beats against Avery’s brutally emotional voice – or should I say, his growl. Ayyyyyy!

The Growl have just wrapped up their Australian Douse the Lamps tour, which was supported by fellow Perth dude Peter Bibby & His Bottles of ConfidenceWith NME dubbing The Growl as an important Aussie band to watch in 2013, as well as a handful of mad Aussie festivals adding the band to their lineup, its clear that these guys are set to have an exciting 2014. Have a listen to one of my favourite tracks, Liarbird, below.




September 12, 2013

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