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Here a lone man stands, open to the calamity he may face in a world where aggression and masculinity are at times a testament to earning your rightful place. Two fists at the ready,
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Wed, Sep 17, 2014

Sunbeam sound machine

Our endless love affair with dream pop continues as we present another young Aussie wonder. Imagine thick, dreamy, psychedelic pop submerging your senses in a cloud of reverie, transporting you to a gravity-less
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Wed, Sep 17, 2014


Sydney’s newest alternative-shoegaze-rock trio YEEVS have released their debut single Speakin’ Some Sense, and it is a grenade waiting to explode. Once thrown into the battlegrounds of the music industry, there’s no turning back because they would’ve
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Wed, Sep 17, 2014

slow magic

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this week I have the pleasure of presenting you with Slow Magic’s highly anticipated album How To Run Away. Freshly released on September 9th, things are certainly
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Wed, Sep 17, 2014


Your coolest and most dangerous relative is back in town. Step-Panther. With skills and claws sharpened for sophomore album Strange But Nice, and with Big Scary’s Tom Iansek straddled atop as producer, they’re
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Wed, Sep 17, 2014


Ozzy Osborne stated recently that “rock is dead” and with the exception of bands like The Black Keys*, it is easy to agree with him. But, once in a while a band like
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Wed, Sep 17, 2014

fishing band

It’s no secret that Fishing are on the up ‘ up! The Sydney duo have been slaying their live shows and have clocked in plenty of time collaborating with other artists. Russell Fitzibbon took
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Tue, Sep 16, 2014


This song is cute. Like, really, really cute. I’m actually going to give a warning out just in case you’ve OD’ed on cuteness via cat videos and GIFs on Youtube and/or Tumblr –
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Tue, Sep 16, 2014

The Buzzbees

Nothing gets my cold heart beating with excitement faster than puns and unusual instruments secretly used in normal sounding songs. The Buzzbees quickly filled both of this criteria with their debut album Hivemind,
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Tue, Sep 16, 2014

Sleepy Dinosaur

There’s genuine satisfaction in covering new talent and feeding their beautiful music to the masses. Much like your latest tinder match, it’s even better when that talent happens to be local. A fellow
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Tue, Sep 16, 2014

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