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Apes happy

Those damn, dirty Apes are at it again. And that sure as hell isn’t a bad thing! The Melbourne band will be gracing the Blurst of Times festival stages with their garage rock goodness.
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Thu, Oct 23, 2014

iodine sagamore

I was about to start this article by saying “there are so many great songs named for elements of the periodic table”, and then all I could think of was Lithium (this one,
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Thu, Oct 23, 2014

Augie March happy

“If love is a bolt from the blue then what is a bolt but a glorified screw that doesn’t hold nothing together?” There are two trends that I do my best to avoid
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Thu, Oct 23, 2014

jack ladder

Who said music videos needed to be blockbusters to effectively translate an intricate message . Untainted by theatrics,  this could be the most underrated video and song of the year- simply powerful, subtly symbolic,
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Wed, Oct 22, 2014

crooked colours

It takes a lot to stand out from the electronic music scene these days, but these boys are definitely up for that challenge. Their unique fusion of beats striking a chord between chilled and lively
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Wed, Oct 22, 2014

new navy

Tomatrax caught up with the dreamy and chirpy indie pop folks of New Navy, to talk about the inspirations behind their sound and their plans after supporting Andy Bull on tour – headline
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Wed, Oct 22, 2014


Inwoods are an exciting up and coming progressive rock band from Adelaide. They are heavily laden with stoner and sludge elements, with a rightful touch of doom, psychedelia and desert rock. Quite clearly
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Wed, Oct 22, 2014

young magic

Young Magic duo, Isaac Emmanuel and Melati Malay first met in Brooklyn, New York, and have been tripping out in the land of electronic daydreams ever since. Known for their psychedelic, electro pop,
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Wed, Oct 22, 2014


Sometimes I am offered a band to write an introduction piece for and clicking on their official website causes me to wonder how a recently formed band can afford to have create a
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Wed, Oct 22, 2014

On The Stoop happy

As an editor at Happy I come across a lot of new music – which makes this the second greatest job ever, professional puppy cuddling master being the ultimate dream – so I like to think I’ve
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Wed, Oct 22, 2014

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