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EXCLUSIVE: Mosé + The FMLY take us through their soul-spanning EP Slow Drip in this track by track

Hailing from Australia’s adorned cultural hub, Melbournites, Mosé + The FMLY have recently dropped their long awaited future soul journey in the form of EP, Slow Drip. Featuring the acclaimed single, Roads it’s safe to say the honey-dipped hip hop and intergalactic synths fly side by side gracefully in Slow Drip, leaving no room whatsoever for unoriginality or mediocrity.


Slow Drip is an exploration of soul and hip-hop lyrics. With Mosé’s delicious flow, candy-sweet soundscapes and some impressive cameos, the EP can’t miss.

The band themselves couldn’t wait to drop their masterpiece and were eager to take us through the tracks in this exclusive commentary. Read and learn.


The track is a really good representation of us as a band. Its origin is in a produced beat but is 100 times better when we play live.

I C U (Passing By)

I C U is the second oldest song on the EP. It features our original drummer, Loyal Tuariki. Has some nice textures and really builds into a driving force. Lush harmonies in the hook by EMRSN.

Movie Tickets

Movie Tickets is a groove based song that blends future hip hop with an old school feel. An ode to our collective love of A Tribe Called Quest.


This tune started with the verse riff. Wanted it have a salsa/latin vibe, but after a jam it opened up into the dreamy chorus and became the heavier number we have today. Jace XL from Hiatus Kaiyote killed the hook as well.


Another older track put together around that soulful, sublime guitar line. We weren’t going to include this on the EP, but we kept playing it live and it’s too infectious not to keep.

Guns Birds

Droopy came correct with the modulating synth on this one. This track is another dreamy one with a sweet bassline and some incredible raps from the maestros N’fa and Cazeaux O.S.L.O.

Catch the soul dripping Mebournites at their Slow Drip Launch/QUINCE Queen’s Birthday Eve – June 12 – Worker’s Club


June 8, 2016

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