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Loon Lake – On Fire

Loon Lake

Look here Loon Lake, the waiting is getting to be unbearable; something has to be done. ‘Towards the end of the year’ is just not a concrete enough release date to get insanely excited over, you guys should seriously consider bringing the release date forward or at least telling us when its going to be!Loon Lake

Journey across Loon Lake. They’re so playfully riveting, you’ll be sure to rock the boat ( literally if you take a boat ride across the lake you will get drenched, we are definitely not referring to the idiom).

The music video for ‘On Fire’ has been pumping fans up since it’s release in late March but the boys from Melbourne seem to be no closer to announcing when they plan to release the rest of the long-awaited debut album. But for now, ‘On Fire’ is definitely doing the job:

“At first listen, I feel a bit like I’ve jumped on an unexpected rollercoaster… “On Fire” definitely has the signature Loon Lake cheekiness which makes all of their music so much fun to listen to. However, this track sounds a little more light hearted than their previous work, adding to the giddiness felt. At the same time, this song has real depth and features a much more mellow bridge with fantastic guitar effects. This is definitely a rollercoaster worth jumping on.”AdamNOTeve

And the music video accompaniment has the same almost-too-close-to-overwhelming feel that reigns itself in just at the last moment. For one second you’re terrified that you actually are going to fall off the edge but then things smooth out for just long enough to make you feel safe, albeit still hurtling along at 100mph. Am I taking the rollercoaster metaphor too far? Regardless, this gun-slinging, action-packed video is the perfect visual embodiment of ‘On Fire’, which sounds a bit like all the best things were taken from a action rom-com and transformed into a song.

Definite kudos to these boys, the full album promises to be something wonderful.




May 22, 2013

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