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Just two singles in, it’s already time to pay attention to Beeches from New Zealand

From across the ditch comes New Zealand act Beeches, bringing forth a mellow and moody sound, reminiscent of a cool winter’s fire in view of the seaside.

Filled with swelling contemplation and warm guitar, Beeches will take you on a journey of romance which speaks wonders of their picturesque homeland.

beeches new zealand

Gleaming with indie sensibility and the same iridescence as the countryside they call home, Beeches are your next act to watch from New Zealand.

Everything New Zealand produces seems to glow and Beeches is no exception, so far the duo have recently released two undeniable hit tracks, Redline and We Don’t Know.

Instrumental builds and anthemic lyricism carry Redline gorgeously along a loving ride, one can’t help but picture a clichéd road trip montage, the kind that makes you sigh with happiness.

Balancing a fine line between shoe gaze indie and brash, uplifting pop, Beeches’ music is comforting and reflective. Having made the UK Top 50 on Spotify, it would be reminisce to say that Alex Wildwood and Luke Thompson are taking the slow road.

With an accessible and rich sound, Beeches build in their dynamic and intriguing instrumentation, combining a gorgeous mixture of high octave guitar, crisp drum and a melodic, bluesy bass line.

The band has hit at a time when it seems we were craving the return of an authentic raw act. Against the recent wave of indie electronica, albeit happily received by most, myself included, Beeches’ simplistic and fresh-faced re-imagining of coastal indie pop has led us full circle.

With the highly anticipated LP Famous Friends on the tip of our tongues, all we can hope is that these Mount Maunganui boys keep making the killer tunes that they have been releasing so far.


April 18, 2017

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