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Josh Pyke – The Beginning and the End Of Everything

Josh Pyke

The teasers from Josh Pyke‘s new album are getting us way too excited for a show that isn’t going to happen until August and an album scheduled for release in July; after he teased us with the intimate Fans First Tour earlier this year, fans have been getting steadily more excited for the release of his fourth studio album and a comprehensive national tour. The release of The Beginning And The End Of Everything next month will follow on from Memories & Dust (2007) and Chimney’s Afire (2008) and the acclaimed Only Sparrows (2011), all Gold-selling and ARIA-award-winning.

JJosh Pyke The Beginning and the End Of Everything

Pyke admits that The Beginning And The End Of Everything is more of a personal adventure than any of his prior albums; this release, he says, is deeper and more intertwined with his life. All of which is reflected throughout his signature, meaningful and carefully crafted lyrics.

Pyke is the kind of songwriter where you can really hear the work that went into the lyrics. You can imagine him mulling over the different ways he can say something before finally deciding on the best fit. His fourth album, The Beginning And The End Of Everything, has those signature Pyke lyrics. This is an album that seems to reflect Pyke’s present personal life. Married with a young family that includes a new baby, you can hear themes of a matured love and legacy – The Music

Blended in with all of the familiar elements comes a few surprises; the album has more upbeat tracks than his earlier work, though there is a nice mix of slower tempos as well. For those dedicated enough to hunt the tracks down, quite a few are available to listen to somewhere online alongside the album teaser trailer released by Ivy League. They’re definitely an exiting preview of what the rest of The Beginning And The End Of Everything will be like; a few tracks (not included in the CD release) are available for immediate download when you pre-order the album.

Josh Pyke has a national tour scheduled throughout August and September, you can find ticketing information here.




June 12, 2013

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