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Jagwar Ma – Howlin

jagwar mar

Electric-pop wizards, Jagwar Ma have pulled out the big guns for this one; Howlin is an album that embodies everything these Sydney boys have been aiming for. It’s a wild clash of genres with some unexpected lyrical add-ons; it’s dance and it’s rock and somehow both and neither at the same time.

Howlin nails that sweet spot between singing along to a song and losing yourself in it – NPR

Jagwar Ma

This is an album made to lose your inhibitions to, each track is designed to make you bring out your weirdest singing-in-the-shower dance moves in public places and feel no regret.

This sort of summer-drenched music will go down a treat – when they’re not sculpting rave-inspired house music, they’re reeling of pop charmers – and those who catch their sets will witness something special for sure. Howlin is the kind of record designed for the live setting, as it’s just impossible to have the kind of party you’d need to fully appreciate it alone in your bedroom (unless you have a really big bedroom). It’s designed for the outdoors, for huge crowds and for losing your mind to. There are few artists that have perfected the kind of engrossing and engaging dance delights that Jono and Gabriel are demonstrating here – Line of Best Fit

Definitely an album to pick up, no matter what genre or style you may normally limit yourself to. Jagwar Ma are currently touring Europe, with shows at Glastonbury towards the end of the month; they’ll be back in Aus for two sets at Splendour in the Grass before heading back to Europe and the UK and then four shows in the USA. These boys are busy, but we hope they can keep the momentum going and keep pumping out their own unique style.




June 5, 2013

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