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Introducing: Camel Power Club

Camel Power Club happy

I’ve seen some absurd band names in my time. The best of which are committed to my memory in a marbled vestibule of fond nostalgia named Hippocampus Hall. This sacred place is reserved for only the most sentimental and absurd band names. Hoobastank is on your immediate left as you enter, Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head on your right. Passing everyone from punk rockers Butthole Surfers to the collective Odd Future Gang Kill Them All, one finds themselves at the centre piece – a shrine to 90’s icons Chumbawamba.

camel power club

Ridiculous names aside, French duo Camel Power Club’s chill vibes and clever samples make for an engrossing listen.

Something tells me that Camel Power Club will be joining ‘those that get up again’. Unlike some of those already immortalised in my cerebellum, CPC will be remembered for an absurd epithet, but more so for their amazing music. If you haven’t heard of this French duo, I urge you to take 15 minutes out of your busy summer schedule and listen to their Sputnik EP. Once you’ve recovered from your aurgasm*, ensure that you commandeer every aux cord ever and spread the love.

Sputnik opens with Hekla, a brief introduction the wonderful atmospheres that CPC create with their simple compositions. Sampled playground sessions and jovial child soundbites induce childhood nostalgia and an attitude of ease and fun. CPC’s ethereal pads and soft guitars are exposed in all their simplicity, happily coupled with blissful marimba’s and strings.

Fisher is the EP’s main attraction. A beautiful rhode chord progression provides a smooth backdrop for a track full of melodic harmonies. Minimalist in nature, CPC’s composition is characterised by a fine balance between synthetic and analogue arrangement. The drums are rudimental and uncomplicated (some unashamedly MIDI), but perfectly compliment the duos’ affable guitar licks. This is a track that exudes dat summer feel – suave vocals and choral choruses paired with an excitable second verse that takes one by surprise.

The final track, Oboe, takes a darker synthetic turn into the world of swelling pads and Moog basslines. There is a significant departure from the EP’s previous tracks as kick-heavy four-to-the-floor drums and primitive synth stabs lead into solemn vocals. Nevertheless, the song is one for both relaxation and reflection – as clichè as descriptions go, this EP is a beautiful backdrop for both beaches and barbecues alike.

In addition to their EP, Camel Power Club have recently released my personal fav. Laïka draws from Hekla’s childhood nostalgia; employing the use of child choirs for catchy choruses and adlibs. CPC’s two voices cover several octaves as they harmonise on a backdrop of colourful vibraphones and strings, providing aural bliss that could cure even the most toxic of hangovers. Below is the making of the Laïka video – check them out!

* for orgasm produced from aural sex; see earjaculation




January 21, 2015

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