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Fergus Maximus – Derek [Official]

“This is a song about a bloke called Derek …” It was written for everyone who has ever lived in a sharehouse (and for all those who wish they had). ******* This video project was part of the Vision and Sound initiative set up by Music SA and the Department of Screen and Media at Flinders University. ******* “Derek” is the first official single release from Fergus Maximus and is the lead single from his 2015 debut EP/LP "Songs & Stories – Live @ The Austral". The EP/LP is available on bandcamp and iTunes and Spotify and pretty much everywhere you might expect to find such things. ******* It was recorded live at The Austral Hotel in Adelaide, South Australia on Thursday, 13 November 2014 by Noni Espinosa. Noni did the live mix and recorded it straight to disk and then tweaked the levels a bit and, well, that's pretty much all that happened. It was mastered by Peter Maher in London (because The Internet). ******* The gig was one of the regular weekly showcases of original music put on by SCALA (the Songwriters, Composers & Lyricists Association). They've been putting on such evenings for over 25 years. ******* CREDITS ******* Cast (in order of appearance) Derek's Narrator - Fergus Maximus; Derek's Housemate - Lachlan Scown; Derek's Bored Delivery Bloke - Fergus Maximus; Derek's Cat - Gypsy; Derek's Friend Jenny - Indianna Bell; Derek's Mother - Michelle Bell ******* Crew Derek's Camera Operator - Josiah Allen; Derek's Lighting Operator - Indianna Bell; Derek's Director & Editor - John Chataway; Derek's Producer - Kurt Roberts ******* Shot on location in Adelaide at Julia Kaminski, Rebekah Kraft and Selena Gillard's place. Thanks for letting us mess it up. And thanks to Nathan Roberts and Liz Phillips for consenting to allow Gypsy the Cat to appear (as if Gypsy pays any attention to anything you say). ******* No Dereks were harmed during the making of this film.


July 4, 2016