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Dive deep and never come back with Human Movement’s 10 favourite B-sides and rare cuts

Known for distorted vocal hooks, sludgy beats and bass lines so deep you’ll think they crawled from the depths of hell, Human Movement are the Sydney production duo bringing a new meaning to the word filth with their low-fi techno.

They’ve just released Right Thang featuring Elliot Porter, a poppier, more vocal track than anything they’ve done before. The single package featured remixes from Tregs and TÂCHES, but what really caught our attention was a B-side, Human Movement’s own ‘re-suss’ of the track.

So we asked the practised cratediggers to embark on a deep-diving experiment, finding 10 of their own favourite B-sides. Here’s what they procured:

human movement right thang b-sides

Deep cuts and B-sides are too often the hidden gems on huge releases. Find out what you’ve missed as Human Movement dig up their 10 favourites.

Jackie – Natural (Kai Alce Distinctive remix) – Natural EP

The general vibe of this track is what gets us. It’s amazing how only two chords can have such a strong effect when given the right texture. They also mix with the other elements so damn well.

Pelvis – Dance Freak (DJ Haus Union Jack remix) – Dance Freak EP

DJ Haus is a bit of a veteran in the dance music world now, so it was no surprise that this remix was amazing.

Cale Sexton – s.t.rEast Link EP

This whole EP is actually amazing but this B-side has some really nice atmosphere and groove to it

Nubian Mindz – Body Mover – Pulsing Heart EP

This is the last track on the EP and has a sick breakbeat rhythm going for it. It also has some qwirky sounds running in and out of the track, making it a bit on the left-field side of dance music which is cool to hear.

Edseven – Broadside Feat. Sarai (Peret Mako Remix) – Broadside EP

As much as we love the original, this remix is certainly just as good. We love that they brought in a vocalist for this, it works so nicely on top of this record.

Intr0beatz – That DUB feat. Lay-Far – (Tape mix) – Footwork House Jam 1 EP

This really is one of our favourite songs right now in general. We love the toms interacting with the kick drum, giving it such a nice groove.

DJ Boneyard – That’s Right – House Crime Vol 3

That’s Right has a cool sample running through it. With a big kick drum and some saturated hats, it’s a proper rinser.

Terence Terry – Zipolite – Coney Island EP

This is one of those house tracks that just have a real clean, crisp drum with some jacking hats. It’s the perfect club track.

Mall Grab x Rudolf c – Untitled – Salt 001 EP

Mall Grab and Rudolf c have made a nice blend between acid house and lo-fi house. With a resonant bass line blending, some lush chords and a lot of the elements being a bit saturated, the song has a real nice warmth to it.

Makcim & Levi – Sandwiches (1055ML EP)

This is the first track on the B-side and has a real catchy bassline. It rolls throughout the song giving the track this real funk driven groove.


Listen to Right Thang from Human Movement below:


February 24, 2017

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