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While they’re smack-bang in the middle of putting the finishing touches on their upcoming EP, the five legends from Bin Juice have cooked up something just as special.

Unlike the rest of our artist curated top 10 lists, Eli, Hugo, Arne, Jacques and Alec have embraced the collaborative spirit, picking two songs each to create a compilation for the ages, a viscous mix of the sopping wet grooves which Bin Juice have been jamming on all year.

bin juice

The kings of chaos and sultans of scuzz, every single member of Bin Juice has dug deep into their brain vaults to bring you a vicious top 10 songs of 2016.

White Dog – No Good

ELI: I’m keen as hell to see White Dog live at Bad Day Out. This record makes me my favourite kind of angry and the production suits the songs. Killer fucking punk.

All My Alien Sex Friends – Paper Planes

ELI: The build up and breakdown in Paper Planes is huge. It’s crazy how Dave Noble can make you laugh with his lyrics and rage with his playing. His songwriting and ability with almost all rock instruments boggles the mind.

Suss Cunts – Shit Friend

HUGO: I really dig the anti-establishment vibes and rock chick aesthetic of Suss Cunts.

Jaala – Junior Spirit

HUGO: The harmonic and rythmic interplay is always exquisite when it comes to Jaala.

Sampa the Great – Mona Lisa

ARNE: Really love the groove on Mona Lisa, pretty sure Swooping Duck are the rhythm section on this track too which is mad. Sampa kills it as usual.

Zeahorse – Runt

ARNE: Saw Zeahorse at their Sydney launch for Torana Dreamin and loved it, mesmerised by the drumming. The riff in this song is huge. Really like the vocal production too. To top it off they’re really nice guys. Fantastic Australian Band.

The Goods – You’re A Star

JACQUES: The Goods know how to sit on a chill beat. This grooves hard.

Sampa the Great – 2 4

JAQUES: Sampa’s flow is trippy, and is always complimented by the dopest production. I like the attention the instrumentation, specifically the rhythm section, has been given. The beat is wild.

Mangelwurzel – Hawaii

ALEC: I like how Mangelwurzel is super dark and sinister but really playful, dig the changes of feel and time and how it slips into pretty slinky grooves. The way the singing navigates the different sections is really sweet.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Invisible Face

ALEC: Gizz is wacky and hypnotic, but it’s still danceable. Reminds me of weird psychedelic rock lobster type songs, I love the cruisy middle section with the carnival organ before noisy guitars come back.


December 22, 2016

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