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Happy’s Guide to the Big Pineapple Music Festival

Australia is a nation of big things. Large, mysterious structures that support the various rural pie shop, fridge magnet and trinket industries in country Australia.

In close contention with The Big Golden Guitar in Tamworth and the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour, one of the most well known ‘big things’ is the Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast, and to this day I am the proud owner of a Big Pineapple fridge magnet, which currently holds up the papers outlining the nature of my student loans.

big pineapple

The Big Pineapple plays host to the annual Big Pineapple festival, this year featuring a host of big names and small names alike.

Oh, and there’s a festival there this weekend too. If you’re in Brizzy, it’s only an hour out of town, and as always there is more to the lineup than first meets the eye. Without further ado, here’s Happy’s Guide to the Big Pineapple Music Festival.

DJ Total Eclipse

A DJ? At a festival? And it’s on our list of things to see tomorrow? Total Eclipse is part of the legendary NYC crew the X-ecutioners, a group of turntablists founded in 1989 when hip-hop was real. Total Eclipse brings you back to a time when hip-hop was a youthful and expressive artform rather than the subject of excessive industry interference with scratch skills that need to be seen (above) to be believed.


Lurch and Chief are a band with a sound – elements of multiple eras of popular guitar music permeates their single We Are The Same to create something amalgamated, homogenous and something that simply sounds modern. A little bit psych, a little bit garage, wrapped up in a neat little package that comes in the form of six Melbournites, Lurch and Chief shouldn’t be missed – unless your tinnie is running low. Priorities, yeah?


Another group of Melbournites making the trip up to the sunshine coast (making sure to stop at the Big Chook, The Big Banana and The Big Prawn on the way), Redcoats make a fun brand of heavier rock and roll music. I’m hesitant to call the vocals Thom-Yorke-meets-Andrew-Stockdale, because then you would never give Redcoats the chance they deserve. It all comes together in a fashionably hard rock ensemble that should prove to be a fun show to catch.


Brisbane born producer RATTRAPS blends the zany beats of trap and footwork with pitchy vocals and swirling pads to create something. The artist has had two Beatport top 10 charting EPs and has already shared the stage with the likes of TNGHT, Hermitude, Steve Aoki, Obey City, What So Not, Nina Las Vegas, L-Vis 1990 – this dude is making his mark on the electronic market fast.

4th release tickets are on sale now for $75, the Big Pineapple Festival takes place this Saturday, May 17th 2014 from 11am to 11pm.




May 16, 2014

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