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Believe it with Zii


The most endearing thing about hip-hop is that it has a way of speaking to the true nature of the everyman. That was never the place of rock music, and even if there were instances of such those artists would eventually embrace their rockstar status (we’re looking at you Alex Turner). Hip-hop comes from the streets, championing stories of the people who stand shoulder to shoulder through the struggle of the everyday. Enter Zii, the Melbourne MC is back with his brand new single Belief to do just that.

Zii Belief

Walking through the fire of adversity, Zii emerges with the honest and affirming Belief.

Zii has been active in the hip-hop community for a few years now yet only released his first single This Is AfriKa three months ago. Featuring capable backing vocals from Natalie Ruiz, Zii has said “This single is an inside looking out view of how my faith has influenced my view of the world around me“. Having called Australia home for the last ten years, Belief is a simple yet bold statement of Zii being spurred on and inspired by his faith. Frankly, there are times we all feel the need to have something more in our corner and it’s this feeling he capitalises on.

In case you haven’t noticed, life is pretty fucking daunting. Filling out tax returns, making it to work on time, not spilling spaghetti on your white shirt, somewhere between 18 and your mid-20s you need to sort that shit out. You can get so caught up in this cycle of just trying to get by that the fact that this way of life takes up the majority of our lives can be a little disheartening. Add onto that bigger pressures of religion, identity and racism, you’ve got the crucible that shapes lives dramatically. It’s brought to the track capably by Zii, his flow is confident, steady and decisive. His message comes through his delivery in an instant.

Do you get what you yearn, when you’re earning?” is a pretty revealing lyric from Belief. No matter what your social or economic circumstance is no one is exempt from the rat race. Are you truly happy just by being? Or is there something more you should strive for than getting by? These are some important questions Zii puts forward, and they’re ones well worth considering.


September 7, 2015

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