Happy is an Australian based online music and youth culture magazine focussed primarily on independent news, reviews and feature articles. Happy Magazine in print launched in January 2016 with Courtney Barnett on the front cover.

Considered a leading tastemaker in the emerging music space, our editorial team is made up of equal parts active contributors in the arts community (from community radio, management and bands) through to young journalists and established writers.

We are passionate supporters and participants in the local arts and music community and invite both established and emerging artists to perform at our magazine launch parties.


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Alan Gojak
Alistair Cairns
Brooke Tunbridge
Cameron Gooley
Chloe Kay-Richardson
Claire Deakin
David Burley
Freya McGahey
Iain McKevley
Jacinta Rets
Johanna Urbancik
Josh Grech
Lester Daniels
Kate Bettes
Kate Ross
Katherine Giddins
Laura Kebby
Liz Nash
Paul Maland
Riley Fitzgerlad
Susie Garrard
Victoria Miechen