Interview with Palms

Ever wondered why a life spent playing music is a sweet one? Following the release of their debut album, Step Brothers, we pinned down Palms’ frontman, Al (aka happy dude at Cream on King St), for a little chat. Here’s what he had to say…

Happy: How did Palms come to be?

Palms: Well, me and Tom were playing in a band called Red Riders together for about 8 years. When we stopped that band, we still wanted to make music, so Palms was sort of born from that. We met the right people and all of us just teamed up together.


Happy: Whats the song writing process like for you guys?

Palms: Its mainly me, I guess. I write on guitar in my room and bring the songs to the band. The majority of this album was written with just Tom and me in the band– his enthusiasm was always a gage to me of how good the song was. We arrange it all together but it starts from me writing.

Happy: You’re about to start your first headlining tour. Are you excited?

Palms: Its gonna be cool! We have never really played our own shows. We did a co-headlining tour with Mining Boom and Bad//Dreems last year, which was fun. I’m excited to play the whole record to people for the first time. It will be East Coast at first, and then we’ll see where we go. Baby steps!

Happy: Where would you like the band to be this time next year?

Palms: We want to take it as it comes. If people are into it, we will always keep doing stuff. We already have about half a new album written, so it would be cool to get that finished, I don’t want to wait too long between albums.

Happy: Lastly, and importantly, what makes you Happy?

Palms: (Laughs) – damn, that’s a big question… Music. Playing music, being on tour, I’m happiest when I know we have a show coming up. I love just playing music with my friends, really.

Happy: So you’re spending your life doing what makes you happy. That’s pretty ideal!

Palms: Yeah, it is really cool!

 Step Brothers is out now through Spunk. We strongly suggest you give it some love…



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